Roger Bracke  — <p>Le couple, un portrait du sculpteur avec son épouse, platre patiné</p>

Roger Bracke

Le couple, un portrait du sculpteur avec son épouse, platre patiné

Roger Bracke  — <p>View from below</p>

Roger Bracke

View from below

Roger Bracke  — <p>View from the left hand side</p>

Roger Bracke

View from the left hand side

Roger Bracke  — <p>Detail of the figures</p>

Roger Bracke

Detail of the figures

Roger Bracke  — <p>Back of the sculpture</p>

Roger Bracke

Back of the sculpture

Roger Bracke  — <p>Signature of the artist, at the side</p>

Roger Bracke

Signature of the artist, at the side

Roger Bracke  — <p>right profile of the group</p>

Roger Bracke

right profile of the group

Roger Bracke the couple

Roger Bracke (1913-1993), the loving couple (a portrait of the artist and his wife), a very early work by Bracke, probably made in the 1930's, still under the influence of Geo Verbanck, patinated plaster, probably a unique work, height 70 cm, width 34 cm, depth 26 cm. Signed at the side. some minor chips to the base. Provenance: the estate of the artist.

Period 1920-1940

Size: Medium

Price: 500-1000

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