Marble fragment — <p>Fragment en marbre rose, taillé dans un bloc, probablement 17-18e</p>

Marble fragment

Fragment en marbre rose, taillé dans un bloc, probablement 17-18e

Marble fragment — <p>Frontal view, the losange probably originally&nbsp;inset with a black, noir de mazy piece.</p>

Marble fragment

Frontal view, the losange probably originally inset with a black, noir de mazy piece.

Marble fragment — <p>Side view</p>

Marble fragment

Side view

Marble fragment — <p>View from above</p>

Marble fragment

View from above

Marble fragment

A curious and decorative marble fragment, in the so-called 'Rouge de Flandres' marble, possibly 17th or 18th century, carved out of one piece. Dimensions 25 x 50,5 x 17 cm. Missing parts, damages, etc. due to age and dismanteling, typical for these fragments. This item is weighs 38 kg.

Period 1700-1800

Size: Medium

Price: 100-200

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