Delftware — <p>Une paire de vases 18me en bonne condition.</p>


Une paire de vases 18me en bonne condition.

Delftware — <p>Alternate view of the pair</p>


Alternate view of the pair

Delftware — <p>Detail of the top of the vases</p>


Detail of the top of the vases

Delftware — <p>Detail of the bottom of the base</p>


Detail of the bottom of the base

Delft pair of vases

A pair of ceramic 18th century Delftware 'knobbelvaas' vases, height +- 28 cm, marked on the bottom with a mongram 'PH'. In good condition with the typical wear and frittings to the glaze on the edges and professional restored at the rim.

Period 1700-1800

Size: Medium

Price: 200-500

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