Gallery St. John, Ghent

Gallery St. John, Ghent

Part of the interior of the gallery in Gent, located in an 18th century chapel

Who are we?

Welcome to the trade's best kept secret!  Since 1980 we have searched the whole of Europe to look for pieces that will surprise you. Over 3000 interesting objects from various backgrounds, styles, ages, material, sizes, prices... await you and are displayed in an 18th century chapel in the historic center of Gent.  
We are a family business, so you will profit from our personal attention, experience and expertise.  Born into a family of artists and collectors and educated at Gent University, department of History of Art, we can be passionate about both the quality and the history of an artwork.  This is why, during the last 30+ years of our gallery's existence, we were able to build a clientele who approve of authenticity, originality, craftsmanship and beauty.  Feel free to cross our doorstep and enter a realm of discovery and inspiration...  We hope to see you soon!  Emmy, Raf, Leo  Steel

What can we do for you?

  • Our speciality: buying and selling fine and decorative arts of the 19th and 20th centuries, preferably Made in Belgium.  
  • We can advise you on buying and selling single pieces or estates.
  • Valuations of specific objects, collections or estates
  • We can help you build your collection or complete your interior.
  • If you have important works of art or rare antiques, you can sell them through our annual documented exhibitions which have an international appeal and clientele (see past exhibitions). 
  • For institutions and museums, we can provide loans for exhibitions, assist with art historical research or catalogue entries.
  • Freelance curating and consultancy: organisation of exhibitions, inventories of collections, art historical research.