Francine Somers — <p>Nu assise (ballerina), eau-forte, justifié 1/20</p>

Francine Somers

Nu assise (ballerina), eau-forte, justifié 1/20

Francine Somers — <p>Monogram signature and date (?), bottom left</p>

Francine Somers

Monogram signature and date (?), bottom left

Francine Somers — <p>Justification, bottom right</p>

Francine Somers

Justification, bottom right

Francine Somers — <p>indistinct inscription bottom centre</p>

Francine Somers

indistinct inscription bottom centre

Francine Somers sitting nude

Francine Somers (born 1923), sitting nude (ballerina), 1970 (?), a rare etching, monogrammed bottom left, with indistinct inscriptions, justified 1/20 bottom right. Day measure:  53 x 38 cm, dimensions with frame 70,5 x 55,5 cm. Unexamined out of frame.

Period :  1960-1980

Size :  Medium

Price :  300,00 €


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