Ronald Ergo, Seuphor, linocut (detail).

Ronald Ergo, Seuphor, linocut (detail).

Welcome to St-John

Founded in 1980, our gallery has a long standing reputation in the buying and selling of fine Belgian and European paintings and sculptures of the 19th and 20th centuries.
We also specialise in Art Nouveau and Art Deco silver, with an emphasis on Belgian silversmiths and designers, the likes of Wolfers, Delheid, etc. Our 18th century showroom is located in the center of the historic city of Gent and displays a wide variety of antiques, furniture and art. You can make your selection out of more than 3000 items.


Bij Sint-Jacobs, 15A
Nieuwpoort, 2
B-9000 Gent


tue:only open by appointment.
& 14h-18h


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Sinds 1980 zijn wij actief op dezelfde unieke locatie in het centrum van Gent. U kan bij ons terecht voor het aankopen en verkopen van schilderijen, sculpturen, antiek, oude boeken en vintage design. Wij zijn  gespecialiseerd in het verhandelen van Gentse en Latemse kunstenaars uit de negentiende en de twintigste eeuw en zoeken voor onze klanten goede art nouveau en art deco objecten. Verder vindt u bij ons een ruime selectie aan zilver.

Voor het verkopen van specifieke stukken of gehele inboedels kan u ons steeds bereiken op 09/225.82.62 of via mail.


Opening Tomorrow:


Michel Seuphor

A Selling Exhibition 25th of April - 25th of May


Galerie St-John is proud to present Michel Seuphor: Books and Drawings 1967-1999, a selling exhibition that will open on the 25th of April. On display are 10 original drawings, 2 tapestries and 18 bibliophile books with illustrations by Michel Seuphor. 





For sale in our gallery:


Original sculptures by a.o. Philippe Wolfers, Geo Verbanck, Germain Janssens, Gustave Van den Meersche, Pierre Devos, Godefroid Devreese, Paul Dubois, Domien Ingels, Alexandre Kélety, Jean Canneel, Leon Sarteel, Roger Bracke, Domien & Henri Van den Bossche, Charles Vindevogel, Maurice De Korte, Monique Guebbels, César Schroevens, Henri Thiery, Frans Tinel, Koos Van der Kaaij, Emile Poetou, Jan Anteunis,... 

Original paintings, drawings or prints by a.o.  Rachel Baes, Hubert Bellis, Jacques Bergmans, Eugène Boudin, Georges Buysse, Jules Boulez, Charles-Rene Callewaert, Jan Fr. Cantré, Jozef Cantré, Cecile Cauterman, Emile Claus, Paul J. Clays, Oscar Colbrandt, Franz Courtens, Jan Frans De Boever, Jules De Bruycker, Xavier De Cock, Herman De Cunsel, Alfons De Cuyper, Gustave Den Duyts, Rodolphe De Saegher, Felix De Vigne, Anna de Weert, Maurice Dupuis, Edgard Farasyn, Theodore Gérard, Armand Heins, Jos Horenbant, Modest Huys, Victor Jamotte, Leopold Leclercq, Richard Long, Marc Maet, Camille Magnus, Frans Masereel, George Minne, Guillaume Montobio, Alphonse Mora, Henri Louis Permeke, Louis Robbe, Victor Servranckx, Maurice Sijs, Frans Smeers, Jacob Smits, Francine Somers, Léon Spilliaert, Leo Steel, Victor Stuyvaert, Edgard Tytgat, Karel Van Belle, Jules Van Biesbroeck Jr., Jules Van Biesbroeck sr., Jules Van De Leene, Raymond Van De Waele, Frits Van Loo, Will Van Riet, Achiel Vereecken, Ferdinand Willaert, Johann Wittkamp, Henri V. Wolvens, Rodolphe Wytsman, Leon Zack, and many others! 




Also check out our diverse collection of art nouveau and art deco objects by a.o. Daum, Gallé, Lalique, Lorrain, Sabino, Barbini, Jean E. Puiforcat, Bruckmann, Wolfers, Delheid,... Vintage furniture and art deco furniture by French and Belgian makers feature regulary on our inventory. 

We also carry a lot of second hand art books, specialising on Belgian art of the 19th and 20th century. If you can't find it on the net, pop in, it is possible that we have it! We also sell rare books, illustrated by artists: o.a. Charles Doudelet, Beatrijs (1901), Max Elskamp, Enluminures (1897), Jolan Foldes/ Frans Masereel, La Rue du Chat qui pêche (1947), illustrations from George Minne and Heinrich Vogler for Die Insel, etc.

Remember: we have a huge stock, not everything is on our site, so a visit to the gallery is worth your while.




We welcome you and hope to help you to enrich your collection!


* If you click on Library, you can access the informative part of our site. You will find information and pictures on different artists. Some of their work is often for sale in our gallery.