In February

On view (amongst others) the St-John's selection of paintings, sculptures and objects

(Post) Impressionism: Emile Claus, Ferdinand Willaert, Anna de Weert, Andre Sinet, Prosper Bosteels, Octave Soudan, Jules Boulez, Romain Steppe, Louis Clesse, Maurice Sijs, Jules De Prater... and a masterpiece by Albert Saverys.

Symbolism: Jan Frans De Boever, Felicien Rops, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Maurice Soudan, Auguste Leveque, Arthur Craco, ...

Modern art:  Panamarenko, Luc Peire, Werner Graeff, Berthe Dubail, Michel Seuphor, Kris van de Giessen, Maurice De Clercq, Jean Rets, Bram Van Velde ...

and many more!

Sculptures by: Jan Anteunis, Domien Ingels, Gustave Van den Meersche, Bert Servaes, Henri Thiery, Amedeo Gennarelli and a good Barbedienne cast of Barye marked 'au cachet d'or' and an important anti-war sculpture by Pierre de Soete 

Art Nouveau and Art Deco by Wolfers Frères, Lalique, Hunnebelle and Delheid Frères, a lamp by Moran and Hastings (Chicago), modern glass by Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Stromberg, Murano (Barbini, Dino Martens),art deco furniture ...

Meanwhile we are adding items to our inventory every day (!), so check our for more information on other objects for sale or new arrivals. 

For our 2014 catalogue (highlights):

For our 2015 catalogue of the Selling Exhibition Albert Baertsoen - Jean Delvin - Gustave Den Duyts: